Crab and Corn Fritters

Crab and Corn Fritters

crab and corn fritters


It  should come as no surprise that I love food.

Always have.

Always will.

I’m usually dreaming about breakfast as I fall asleep at night, and as soon as breakfast is finished, I’m planning lunch and dinner.

Don’t even get me started about vacation eating.

Food always tastes better on vacation, and I right?

But recently I’ve learned something about how I like to eat.

I prefer snacks to meals. {continue reading}

My visit to Tillamook and an Ice Cream Sandwich

  A few weeks ago, I visited Oregon for the first time. Have you been? It's absolutely gorgeous, and I am already planning my return trip. I wasn't in Oregon just for a little R&R, I was one of a handful of bloggers invited to visit Tillamook. What a trip it was. First, I was lucky to be traveling with friends Glory and Dorothy, so I knew it would be a fun three days. We arrived in Portland just in time for lunch, and let me tell you the ladies from Soda Pop PR thought of everything. After enjoying an afternoon of sightseeing, we had a wonderful dinner at the hotel.  Of course for me the highlight of the meal was dessert - ice cream sandwiches featuring three Tillmook flavors - udderly chocolate,Oregon strawberry, and my FAVE Oregon hazelnut with salted caramel. The … {continue reading}

Capellini with Broccoli Pesto

Capellini with Broccoli Pesto quick, easy, and a great way to get more veggies in your diet   My husband could eat pasta every day; no complaints. Red sauce, wine sauce, pesto, even no sauce at all. He just loves it. Because pasta is usually a pretty quick meal, it makes its way to our dinner table 1 - 2 times a week, skillet pastas especially like this one. You know I love me a one pot meal. … {continue reading}

Chicken Taco Skillet Meal

  It's back to school season. Part of me is SO excited that we get a normal schedule back, but the other part of me dreads the crazy hectic after-school schedule.  Activities, homework, and somehow dinner needs to fit into the mix. Quick, healthy meals are what I search for during our school months. Something that I can get together while helping the kids with school work, that doesn't take hours to cook, and if it can be made with minimal mess, even better. This is why my cast iron skillet has become my new best friend in the kitchen.  I simply LOVE a one-dish meal.  This chicken skillet meal is our new go-to for taco Tuesdays. We love taco night, but making tacos and burritos can be a lot of work, and usually makes a ton of dishes; there are beans in one pot, rice in … {continue reading}

Homemade Animal Crackers

Homemade Animal Crackers wildly fun after-school snacking   Animal Crackers Remember that adorable little circus train box? When they came out with the limited edition Lily Pulitzer boxes, I bought every box I could find. They are a staple of american childhood. I think we always had a few boxes in the cupboard when I was a kid. When Charlie and Stella were little, we never, and I mean never, boarded a plan without a few boxes in our activity bags. … {continue reading}

Mini Flourless Chocolate Cakes

Flourless Chocolate Cakes made mini for the serious chocolate lover   Years ago, when my husband and I first got married, we loved heading into San Francisco for dinner. It was our favorite sort of entertainment. Who am I kidding, eating still is our favorite form of entertainment. My husband, being the creature of habit that he is, would always order a Cesar salad, a steak of some sort, and if they had it, a piece of flourless chocolate cake. He is a chocolate lover that hubby of mine, and the richer the better. If you've never tried it, a flourless chocolate cake is pretty much like fudge in cake form. … {continue reading}

Peanut Butter Cup Overnight Oats #fitfriday

Don't let the name fool you these peanut butter cup  overnight oats are a healthy way to start the day It's really hard to be a food blogger sometimes; like when you are in the middle of a juice cleanse. I'm halfway through day two, and so far it has not been as hard as I thought it would be, except that my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds of course are full of food. … {continue reading}