Apple Pie Pull-Apart Bread


Apple Cinnamon PUll Apart bread - made with Pillsbury Biscuits - #baking #fall


Remember last week, when I mentioned that I picked up some blueberry biscuits on a whim? I may have forgotten to mention, that those were not the only ones that found their way into  my cart.



Today, my husband took the kids to the bay area for some race fun.  I have the WHOLE day to myself, so  naturally I used it to get some much needed kitchen cleaning done.  You should see my pantry, it’s a thing of beauty.


Apple Pie Pull-Apart breadmade with Pillsbury Biscuits #Pillsbury #fall -


When I was cleaning out the fridge, I found the extra tube of biscuits from last week’s  moment of weakness, and then I remembered the strawberry pull apart bread I made last spring.  That was such a big hit with the kids, but the strawberries I have at home are a little sad looking. Plus, I WANT fall


Pull Apart bread made with #Pillsbury Biscuits - #fall



{are you listening mother nature, you can turn off the heat anytime now}


Apple Pull Apart Bread - #pillsbury #apples


Apple Pie Pull-Apart Bread


  • 1 tube of Pillsbury Biscuits {I used Grands Flaky Layers}
  • 1 medium apple, cored and thinly sliced
  • cinnamon - sugar {1/3 cup of sugar mixed with 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg}


  • Line a bread pan with parchment
  • Pre-heat the oven to 350
  • Toss the apple slices in the cinnamon sugar and set aside
  • Slice each biscuit in half - creating 16 rounds
  • coat each round with the cinnamon and sugar
  • layer the biscuits alternating with the apple slices {begin and end with biscuit} in the bread pan
  • Bake for 20 - 25 minutes {mine took 25}
  • ** make sure you check the middle for doneness - if the middle of the loaf is doughy - let bake for an additional 5 - 10 minutes, but check often to make sure it is not getting too brown on top[.


Pull Apart bread with Applesand Cinnamon - #Pillsbury #biscuits


So… I blasted the air conditioning, and made apple pie pull apart bread. It may be summer outside, but it sure feels like fall in my kitchen today.


Apple Ciinnamon Bread - #Pillsbury #fall



got apples…

slow cooker applesauce

apple crisp for one

apple muffin in a mug


  1. says

    Oh baby. I’m lifting my jaw off the floor and wiping the drool from my chin. These looks ah-may-zing!!! And thank you for using Pilsbury. Sometimes a girl just doesn’t want to spend hours making dough, especially when something this delicious can be in my stomach in like, forty minutes! Gorgeous photos too!

  2. says

    Beautiful photography, and awesome idea! Thank you for linking up to Inspiration Monday! It’s great to meet you Heather. ~ Julie (ps: I’m pinning!)

  3. says

    This sounds amazing, and perfect for fall. We’re 90+ today but with the ac on and the right mind set I can so pull this off. Thank you for sharing.

  4. kathy says

    Hi just wondering what Pillsbury biscuits are? I live in Australia and we don’t get them here. Is it like puff pastry/scone mix or is it more a proper bread dough? Cheers :)

  5. says

    My mind is spinning and I think I just fell in love. This would be so amazing to pull out for parties – football – me when I’m home by myself…gorgeous Heather! And yes, good grief Sacramento, can we please, please, pretty please get a little Fall action up in here?? Pinned!

  6. Becky says

    Oh , I saw this yesterday on FB or two days ago, showed my daughter, and she asked me to get the things yesterday! :) So guess what is for breakfast!! Can’t wait! :)

    Thanks for the creative idea!!

  7. says

    Heather, this looks gorgeous! I have such a weakness for pull apart bread of any kind–with apples and I am a total goner. And yes, fall can show its sweet face anytime. It’s supposed to get to 95 where I am today. Sad day. I’ll just have to drool a little bit more over this lovely bread!

  8. Amanda says

    Don’t know where I went wrong with this! It looked good so I tried it. I set the oven to 350 like it said but it still came out doughy in the middle. I think next time I should set it for a higher temp or cook it longer then the suggested time frame. Otherwise, my kitchen smells so good!

    • says

      be careful – if you set it too high, you will burn the top before the dough cooks. First i would suggest making sure your apple slices are really thin – this is probably what is keeping it from cooking through.

  9. Sara says

    As with others above, I thought this looked absolutely delicious. Made it tonight and cooked it the required 25 minutes, but unfortunately the bottom and middle of the bread were not cooked. I sliced the apple very thin, but still had to pull it apart, place on a cookie sheet so that the bottom cooked as much as the top. Not sure where I went wrong…

    • says

      Mine was not doughy in the middle, but I would only suggest leaving in the oven a bit longer. All oven cook at a slightly different temperature, so I would suggest leaving it in a minute ot two longer, check the middle, and if needed add a few extra minutes more.

  10. Harvin says

    Found this on Pinterest and love it! Despite paper-thin Asian pear slices, mine was also doughy. My main rack was on the lowest level; I had a “derp” moment and should have known to move it back to the middle! I ended up baking mine for another 10ish minutes after moving the rack. Problem solved!

    I bought Pillsbury Honey Grand biscuits and used Asian pears. I did half my loaf by this recipe, and for the other half, I sprinkled the Asian pears with crushed, dried rosemary, sprinkled a little rosemary on top of the loaf and drizzled just a little honey. I haven’t decided which one I like most.

  11. Ricki Lettini says

    This recipe is the easiest and most enjoyed dish I have brought to family gatherings. I’m making it for this upcoming Thanksgiving along with my turtle cheesecake. Has anyone tried using the Pilsbury crescent rolls instead of the biscuits? I have an extra tube in my fridge and wanted to use them in a recipe.

  12. Kara says

    I am baking this right now, but it looks very liquidy in the bottom of the pan… Are my apples too juicy? I am putting it in for another 10 mins (after the initial 25 mins) to see if some of the wetness/juice cooks off. I hope so! Maybe my slices were too think too… don’t know. Will try again if it is not right due to all the great reviews! My house does smell incredible, however : )

    • says

      I did not have any juice at the bottom of the pan. You either have very juicy apples, or the slices were too thick. I may suggest draiing off a bit of the liquid and then putting back in to bake for another 5 or 10 minutes.

  13. Jeanne says

    Thank you for this awesome recipe. I have made this several times now and I also have had a doughy middle. To correct this I separate the dough into 2 smaller bread pans – about 7.5 x 3.5. I think doubling the apple and cinnamon sugar mixture would work also. I grate my apples and let them sit in the cinnamon sugar mixture while I pull apart the biscuits – which gives the apples time to give off their liquid. This liquid can be poured over the top just before baking. I also covered the biscuits at the 20 min mark because they were brown enough and then cooked for another 15 – 25 min. to remedy the soggy middle !

  14. Janis says

    I have been working on apples all afternoon. Canning, freezing and cooking off the peeling to make apple jelly. I was looking for an easy recipe to use some of the apples to take to a sick friend. This looks like a winner. Thanks.


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