Fruit Roll-Ups for Back to School


The interweb is FULL of back to school ideas.

Adorable printables
Back to school teacher gifts
I am embracing my lunch packing duties this year.
I will NOT complain
I will NOT be purchasing pre-packaged PRICEY items
I will be making FUN lunches
I will be making my own snackies
starting with…
Fruit Rolls

Seriously, they are SO easy, I cannot believe I spend so much buying them.
With all of the ripe berries we have (Farmer’s market is full of them), you don’t even need to add any sugar or juice.
Simply puree a pint or two of berries
pour onto a parchment lined cookie sheet
 ~thin is in (this will cut down on the cooking time)
place the tray in the oven with the light on
leave overnight
and that’s all she wrote
Fruit rolls.
Happy Packing mommas.

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  1. says

    Wait a second…. I’ve tried these and they turned out HORRIBLE!! Of course I added sugar and and baked them, well, burned them. It was a terrible cooking experiment. I’ve got to try just this overnight technique. Thanks so much!

  2. says

    I keep saying I am going to make homemade fruit rollups…and then I never do! You have me inspired to do that this Fall for my kids to enjoy!!! Thank you so much for sharing on Trick or Treat Tuesday!!!


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