Brownie Shake


We are a brownie loving family.

Most chocolate desserts are a bit too much for me, and I will usually choose something fruity.

Brownies are the BIG exception.

I have always loved them.  Probably too much.

My favorite way to eat them is under a scoop of vanilla covered in fudge.
Instead of making sundaes, we threw everything in a blender:)

Brownie Milkshakes
 (this was lunch today)

For the shakes:
1 cup of milk
3 – 4 scoops of vanilla ice cream
2 brownies (seriously fudgy ones in our case) cut into chunks

drizzle of chocolate syrup

** we topped them off with a few mini peanut butter cups
  just cause

Bring on the Holiday!


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    mmm… looks like you’ve had so much fun preparing these! i also love brownies, these super fudgy ones you showed here look mouthwatering!!

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    This just looks amazing! So good! It reminds me of a drink back in my hometown called a Chocolate Cake Shake, where they did pretty much the same thing. But, like you, I’m not the biggest fan of chocolate deserts. But I’ll never say no to a brownie! And brownie shakes!?!? Mixing my 2 favorites: brownies and ice cream! YUM!

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    This is fantastic! I hope you will link this up to The CSI project this week starting Wednesday. The challenge is Frozen treats and Push Up Pops. You just might win.
    Each day we have a fun tutorial and on Wednesday you can start linking up!
    Come on over!

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