nutella {fudge pops}


My son Charlie listens to music ALL the time.

He LOVES Pandora because he can find any song, any time.

His latest find is The Final Countdown by Europe.

Not sure how he happened across this blast from the past, but he has been singing it for weeks.

While I’m not a big fan of this particular song, it does seem to be our theme.

We are in the final countdown to summer break – wahoo!!

Summer means sleeping in, dining al fresco, and plenty of Popsicle ice pops.

Cherry may be the most popular flavor, but the fudge pop has always been my favorite.

When I stumbled across a healthy alternative on Chocolate Covered Katie, I couldn’t wait to try it.

These do not disappoint, and you all know how I feel about sneaking in the fruits and veggies:)

With only four ingredients, they are a breeze to make.

For the Fudge pops:

in a food processor, blender, or vita-mix – whichever you have  – thoroughly blend 3 bananas until smooth

add in 1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 tbsp of cocoa powder, and
1/2 cup of nutella (I used the trader joe’s chocolate almond spread instead)

blend well

pour into freezer molds or 4 Dixie cups with popsicle sticks




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    Oh. My. Goodness. Those look SOOOOOO good! I want it to warm up RIGHT now so I can make some- although I might just end up bundles in blankets eating popsicles, lol! Visiting & following all around from Feed Me Friday. Can’t wait to poke around more & try out some recipes!


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    Now you made me really curious. What is Pandora? will google it just now, am sure my daughter will love it if it lets you find music easily. she is busy putting together a play list for her birthday party.
    LOVE the idea of chocolate with banana sneaked in :-)!
    thanks so much for the recipe, can t wait to try it out!

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    Oh my gosh! Those look so good! Don’t you just {LOVE} Chocolate Covered Katie? Seriously, her blog is amazing! Thanks for linking up to Sweet Saturdays {#5}! Hope to see you back again next week… Have a great day:) -Sophie

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    Is there a way to make them without bananas? I don’t know how it will affect texture or whatnot. I am allergic to bananas(sadly, it makes me sad that this tasty and versatile fruit gets me sick), and this dessert sounds amazing!


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